We're looking for the best and brightest counselors.

Applicants must be enthusiastic, creative, hardworking, responsible, punctual, and resourceful and have a genuine love for children.

Counselors must be a minimum of 18 years of age and already attending college.

Those under the age of 18 will need a work permit, Counselors in Training/ must be at least 15 years old.

Available Positions for 2019 Summer Session

+ Co-Director $12-$16/hr (Housing Provided)

Together with a team of talented individuals, the CoDirector will help campers and staff to focus on the OTC core values: caring, honesty, respect and accountability . This is an outstanding opportunity to leverage previous professional experience and launch the next step of one’s professional career. Our Co Director will employ strategic thinking and develop mutually respectful relationships with campers, parents, summer staff, and colleagues that, together, enable excellence to be achieved. Central to this position’s success is the desire and drive to handle a variety of responsibilities, tackle a wide array of challenges, and participate in all aspects of camp’s planning, operations and implementation.

Education or Experience

  • Degree with two years’ experience in supervision of youth recreational programs or equivalent combinations of education and experience.
  • Demonstrated positive track record with recreational and experiential education.
  • Supervisory experience including strong leadership skills to motivate and retain high performing staff.
  • Must possess or acquire the following certifications: CPR/First Aid certification.
  • Successful completion of a pre-employment drug screening and background check.
  • Must be available all weeks of camp and trainings.
  • General computer skills including working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs
  • Good character, integrity, and ability to adapt to camp setting
  • Enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience and self-control
  • Ability to relate to one’s peer group as well as range of counselors age 14-18
  • Positive communication, supervision and support skills
  • Ability to deal with conflict and challenge in a way to create positive results
  • Ability to accept guidance and supervision

Job Detail

Under the direct supervision of the Camp Director, the Co-director is responsible for:

  • Assist the Camp Director with overall summer camp operations.
  • Manage a staff of 8-10 counselors and CIT
  • Assisting in organization and supervision of day-to-day operation.
  • Role model for staff and campers. Provide leadership in camp training and assist with day to day daily routine.
  • Lead and implement activities, responsible for weekly theme day plans.
  • Assist with camper check in and check out daily. Responsible for keeping camper counts.
  • Responsible for check in, filing camper forms, and to make sure campers have the necessary forms.
  • Maintain safety standards for campers and staff and to enforce all rules.
  • Fills out accident/incident reports as needed and follows procedures for reporting accidents. Handles medical, safety, and severe weather emergencies. Completes needed reports and submits them to Camp director.
  • Acts as camp director in the absence of camp director.
  • Reports to the Summer Camp Director.

+ Counselor - ($8-$10/hr)

This position is responsible for providing leadership, ensuring safety of all participants and direct supervision of campers in all planned activities. Oak Tree Camps is committed to providing exceptional care for our campers. Use these guidelines to ensure you are meeting all expectations of the job.

Job Requirements

To be successful, you must meet some education, training and experience requirements and you must be able to demonstrate some critical knowledge, skills, and physical abilities.

  • Must be at least the age of 18
  • Desire and ability to work with campers of all ages
  • Demonstrated responsibility and dependability
  • Follow through actions regarding communication with all parents
  • May be required to lift and carry up to 30 lbs. in various forms.
  • May be required to sit, stand, or maintain physical activity for extended periods of time.
  • Must exhibit patience and understanding.
  • Receives and follows detailed instructions. Must be alert at all times, keeping safety in mind. Must possess acceptable hearing and visual capabilities in order to monitor environment and camper’s well-being.
  • Must be capable of working under pressure in a somewhat disruptive environment
  • Ability to work 40+ hours weekly
  • Must have at least two years of child care experience
  • Must complete successful criminal background check

All of the above duties and responsibilities are essential job functions subject to reasonable accommodation. OTC Management promotes an equal employment opportunity work place which includes reasonable accommodation of otherwise qualified disabled applicants and employees. Please see your manager should you have any questions about this policy or these job duties.

Job Details

  • Provide a safe and healthy environment, both physically and mentally, to ensure the operation of a quality camp program.
  • Ensures campers are aware of rules, and daily scheduled routines
  • Attend all staff meetings and as required to meet educational requirements established in training.
  • Assist in the planning and implementing of the daily activities that fit the camper’s needs and interests.
  • Takes responsibility for the quality of the supplies, equipment and materials
  • Report all suspicions of child abuse to proper authorities.
  • Follow Safety Checkpoints for all activities.
  • Reports all accidents to the Supervisor, and completely fill out proper health log and/or accident/incident form
  • Direct or assist in the daily maintenance of the activity areas, ensuring safety and cleanliness.
  • Assume equal share of the regular task such as cleaning, preparing for daily activities and cleaning up after projects.
  • Establish a relationship with each child and know his or her present level of understanding; consider the needs of all the campers and treat each child with respect and dignity.
  • Remains up to date on emergency procedures and facility policies.
  • All other duties assigned by Management This job description may not be all-inclusive and employees are expected to perform all other duties as assigned and directed by management. Job descriptions and duties may be modified when deemed appropriate by management.

+ Counselor in Training - Stipend + Volunteer/ Class Credit

Thank you for your interest in the Counselor in Training program. It is the goal of the CIT program to create individuals that can flourish as staff members at Oak Tree Camps. CIT applicants must have finished the 10th grade.

Becoming a CIT is an experience very different in its expectations than that of a camper. All accepted CITs are expected to:

  • Enjoy working with kids
  • Work with enthusiasm and willingness to learn.
  • Be responsible with your time, resources, and assigned task.
  • Be willing to participate fully in all the camp programs and activities and be a positive influence on the camp community.
  • Work cooperatively with the camp staff to provide the best possible environment for you, your fellow CITs and campers.
  • Help lead activities along with counselors.
  • Act as a leader and take initiative to complete daily task.
  • Complete weekly easy question to reflect on your week and set goals
  • Undergo a “staff training” with the goal of providing CITs the tools needed to work with campers.
  • Present themselves as role models to staff and campers and exemplify the core values of Oak Tree Camps.
  • Act as a role model for campers and most of all HAVE FUN!

Before filling out the application please note the following about the CIT program:

  • Submission of an application does not indicate an acceptance into the CIT program.
  • This is an application form and should not be confused with a registration form. The registration form is only required upon acceptance to the CIT program.
  • Acceptance into the CIT program does not guarantee employment in following summers.
  • Part-Time and Full-Time Positions available
  • If you are hired and looking to receive credit for class and/or volunteer hours check with your school to see if any forms need to be completed upon hire.