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Standard of care

Reading responses from a parent survey that went out. Whether good or indifferent (we don't really have bad reviews only feedback to learn from) we are always amazed at how much the campers enjoy themselves when we're simply meeting our standards.

We truly believe in investing in the generations of our tomorrow. We want our campers to feel seen, heard and understood. We go the extra mile and take the long walk with them when they find out their crush only likes them as a friend and their friend just told everyone.

We hear the stories their family has probably grown bored of. We let them talk our ear off and jump and wiggly til their hearts content and they are tired!

We help them work through their anxiety when they think no one wants to play with them or their anger when things aren't going how they expected.

This is the work of that makes us feel like we are serving our purpose. We do it effortlessly and with care because it's our standard and we're so happy that we meet your standards as a parent.

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