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Our Program

Summer is a very special time when a child seeks to learn, explore and develop new skills, hobbies, and interests. Our program is specifically designed to meet the diverse and ever-expanding interests and recreational needs of our campers. Because our emphasis is on learning through play, personal achievement and skill attainment rather than on competition alone, campers of every age and skill level are made to feel comfortable and successful.

Through the use of scheduled activity periods and guided electives, each camper can experience a well-rounded program that includes athletics, aquatics, creative arts, STEAM class, Dance class, and outdoor adventures. Our elective program allows each camper to have direct input into their daily schedule. During elective periods, campers may wish to try new activities, concentrate on their favorite ones or enhance their existing skills by participating in individualized instruction or clinics.

Our Staff,
Our Biggest and
Greatest Asset. 
Providing nothing but the best for your camper.
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Our Staff

Our Team possesses extraordinary skills in working with children, a deep commitment and a profound sensitivity to the development of each camper. Our limited camper enrollment and low camper-to-staff ratio ensure that each child receives the individual attention he/she deserves to flourish in a safe and supportive environment. Our Team encourages campers to learn and grow, to trust in their abilities, and to believe in themselves so they all reach their fullest potential.

Our selectivity in Team Members combined with our formidable training and leadership development programs has already made our camps known throughout the camp industry and has earned us well-deserved local recognition.

Oak Tree Camps carefully selects the men and women of our staff for their interest and commitment to working with children. Each staff member meets a high standard of dedication and skill. Interviews are conducted, references are checked, and rigorous background checks are completed. Staff members attend an in depth orientation, which emphasizes counseling skills, group dynamics, safety procedures and activity skills. Our staff forms a strong, committed team with a single focus: a safe summer filled with fun, learning and growth opportunities for each camper.