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Are You a “Glass Half Full”, Always Looking for the Positive Kind of Person who loves kids?

If you truthfully answered, “YES!” keep reading! 

Our camp invests in a counselor-in-training curriculum and dedicated staff to manage the program to make it enriching for each CIT.

Oak Tree Camps is the perfect place for youth to attend camp this summer. Our CIT Program is for rising 10th - 12th graders age 15-17. 



About the Program


Every CIT participates in as many activities as possible, though they may be assigned according to specific activities based on the CIT’s skills and likes. During activities, CITs assist and take part in hands-on learning of the ins and outs of leading and managing the activities, while serving under that activity’s counselor(s). In essence, they are apprentices, training to become masters (counselors) in the future. 


Why Join OTC?

With the support and guidance of the CIT director and other OTC staff, our aim is to prepare our CITs to be employed by OTC the following summer and on the road to college readiness, while still providing fun and recreational camper activities. CITs will reach Oak Tree Camps’ objectives by the following means:

  • Hands-on learning by shadowing counselors

  • Observation of staff teaching and coaching techniques

  • Participation in activities, special events, trips, and meetings

  • Discussions/Info sessions with peers, mentors, and supervisors

  • Evaluation, feedback, and assessment from peers, supervisors, and self.

CIT Info

All CITs and their parents will have a pre-camp meeting with our Head Director and CIT Director to review the program, as well as go over the expectations we have for them during the summer. CITs will receive their handbook and OTC CIT t-shirts at this time. CITs are campers with limited counselor responsibilities. This is their time to work with and observe seasoned counselors, grow as individuals, learn crucial skills about caring for children and most importantly HAVE FUN as they do!!!

Your Journey as a Leader Begins Here.

 Our CIT program is designed for rising 10th through 12th graders, typically 15-17 year-olds, and is the gateway to being staff in college and beyond. The goal is to transition campers into counselors, creating responsible and independent young leaders who can contribute positively to Oak Tree Camps and their community.

Campers training to be staff bring unique qualities to OTC: notably, they understand camp, have lots of camp spirit and feel OTC is their summer home. They are positive role models within our camp community and should help foster community and a love of Camp. The program also serves as a summer-long job interview for those who want to work as counselors in the future. CITs also attend daily Leadership meetings, activities and games with the Directors, CIT directors and other members of Senior Staff. They mostly occur during the 4PM activity period where they will learn about various leadership themes.


CITs are always expected to show maturity and serve as an example to the younger campers. In return, they earn plenty of perks along the way, including a CIT Graduation Day Trip during the last week of camp!


Counselor in training FAQ

CIT Questionnaire
Untitled design (1).png
Answer the following questions in your video
  1. Have you been a camper or CIT with Oak Tree Camps before? If so tell us about your experience.

  2. Why are you interested in our Counselor-In-Training Program?

  3. Please tell us your interests or activities that you have been involved in that would make you an excellent participant in the CIT Program.

  4. What are you looking to learn from your CIT experience?

  5. Which age group would you prefer to work with? 

  6. How would a camper benefit from spending four weeks in camp with you?

Upload your response in the form

Let's get to know you

Submit a Video Questionnaire answering the questions highlighted in yellow in whole sentences.

Example: What's your favorite color?

Response: My favorite color is green.

Not: Green

CIT Information

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