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No-Base Camp at Stone Mountain Park

As a small business we want to make sure we can serve our community without giving up quality or raising rates. When Stone Mountain Park (SMP) changed staff and raised their rates we almost thought camp at SMP would be over. So, we got creative, and we were able to keep camp at SMP and lower the cost of camp for parents.

So what is a no-base camp any way?

Oak Tree Camps will be operating as a no-base camp for summer 2023 at Stone Mountain Park. A no-base camp means camp will not be limited to one area such as a reserved pavilion as in previous summers. Each camper receives a SMP annual membership pass and each family receives 1 annual parking pass with registration. That means you're free to enjoy SMP throughout the year as well.

Campers will venture through different areas of the park and attractions exploring all that SMP has to offer simply because we'll all have a membership with access to all the park offers. We are still an outdoor-based camp with access to restrooms, picnic areas, and attractions and will have lunch and snacks inside the dining area within the attractions or picnic areas as we did last year. They will also be indoors for the indoor playground, 4D theater, and other attractions on occasion.

We'll climb the mountain, hit the trails, and enjoy some games in the shade and shelter of any nearby pavilion.

We're not new to this, we're true to this. Our staff loves the great outdoors and we hope your interest in Oak Tree at SMP means your camper does too, but we understand you have questions. We hope to have answered them below.

A typical day will look like this

Attraction Activities rotate daily between, SkyHike, Sky Ride, 4D Theater, Train Ride, Dinosaur Explorer, Museum at Memorial Hall, Scenic Railroad, Miniature Golf, Dinotorium indoor playground, Geyser Towers®, Camp Highland Outpost


Where is the drop off and pick up?

Crossroads Parking Lot at the front entrance to the attractions.

This area in and around the attraction is where we'll spend the majority of our day.

Where will campers put their things?

Campers belonging will be stored in our camp storage containers until needed for lunch, snacks, and dismissal. Lunches will be in a cooler so please have names on EVERYTHING!

Where will lunch be held?

On a beautiful day, we would usually find a shaded picnic area or pavilion, other times we eat inside the cool A/C of the dining hall inside the attractions.

What do I need to pack?

Please clearly label all of your campers items.

● Sunblock/sunscreen

● Hat

● Change of clothes. We get a little messy sometimes.

● Closed-toe shoes (no sandals)

● Snack for the mid-morning break.

● Lunch (we are a nut-free camp. Please no nuts or nut butter)

● Lunch box/bag with cold pack if needed

● Swimsuit, water shoes, towel (only on Geyser Tower Days)

● Insect repellant

● Reusable water bottle

● Lightweight jacket

● Plastic Bag for wet items

● Backpack

● Cash, jewelry, electronic games, or other valuables are not permitted. Oak Tree Camp

is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

● Label all of your child’s items.

What will campers due in the event of rain?

Melt!! Maybe not, but we'll keep them safe and dry in any nearby shelter such as a pavilion, indoor play area or dining hall.

In the rare event of severe weather we will call a cancellation on camp and parents will be refunded for that day. Once again this is very rare.

What will you do in an emergency?

SMP Police and Fire is a phone call away with quick response time. Our staff is trained in basic first aid, CPR, and how to respond in emergency situations.

Will we get to keep the membership pass and parking decal?

Yes, of course. We encourage you to visit the park and enjoy events and festivals or even a daily morning jog throughout the year.

Someone else picks up my kids from camp. How will that work with the parking pass?

We provide one annual parking pass per family. You can purchase additional parking passes for $42.70 on SMP website

Is before and after care available?

Yes, Before-care begins at 8:30 am $10 daily per camper. After-care 4:30pm - 6:30pm $10 daily per camper.

How can I reach you if I need to pick up my kid early?

We are available at 678-922-4292. Staff member will make sure your camper is ready with their belongings at the pick-up location. Just give us a heads-up.

Tell us what you think. Comment with your thoughts on Oak Tree at SMP

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