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If you are looking for one of the most comprehensive and affordable camps in metro Atlanta, look no further than Oak Tree Camps! We are not a specialty camp, if we had to specialize in anything, it would be fun. Kids have enough of the mundane at school. Summer is a time to enjoy themselves. We strongly believe that kids can learn and grow through play.

A safe place where kids can just be kids! 


Emory Peavine Creek Rd, Atlanta GA 30322 (June 3 - June 21)

746 Peavine Creek Rd, Atlanta, GA 30322

Emory Woodruff PE Center (June 24 - July 26)

26 Eagle Row, Atlanta, GA 30322

CALL US 678-842-8385

Both locations on Emory’s campus.

Both locations on Emory’s campus.

Metro Atlanta's Most Comprehensive and Affordable Summer Camp for Children Ages 5-14.

June 3 - 21 | Emory Peavine Creek

June 24 - July 26 | Emory Woodruff PE Center

(No Camp 4th of July week)


The Oak Tree Enrichment

Triad Model

Hands-on Learning

Designed to expose students to a wide variety of skills, topics, occupations, hobbies, and events that would not be covered in a traditional classroom setting.  Hands-on experiences can involve the following:  Contacting speakers, arranging special demonstrations, possible field trips, and/or performances, using varied materials such as videos, print and non-print media.

Creative Thinking

Promote the development of thinking and feeling processes such as: Creative thinking, problem solving, and critical thinking skills.  Campers are introduced to a wide variety of topics and expand upon their non-verbal, oral, and visual communication.

Guided Learning

Involves pursuing “self-selected” areas (within guideline topics)  in which campers assume the role of first-hand inquirer. The goals of these type activities include the following: Providing opportunities to apply interests, knowledge, creative ideas, and short term commitment to a specific activity. Campers are given the opportunity to develop self-directed learning skills in the areas of planning, organization, resource utilization, decision-making, self-evaluation, and team building .


Promoting Growth

One Camper at a Time


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