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Gwen Ajayi

Gwen Ajayi is one of the owners of Oak Tree Camps. She has served in the hands-on position of Executive Director for 8 years now with Oak Tree. She is the proud mother of 3 amazing girls Elisha, Olivia, and Aliyah who are always excited to make new friends every year at camp. As a parent, she knows the high expectations set for those who care for our kids and strives to meet and exceed them in how we staff, train, and operate Oak Tree Camps. Gwen is certified in Continuing Education in Youth Leadership and Youth Mental Health First Aid.

When camp isn't in session she dutifully volunteers as a Girl Scout Leader and enjoys her career as a Personal Stylist while occasionally flipping houses with her husband. She is a modern Renaissance woman with many skills in her resume. Some of her hobbies include photography, biking, crafting, gardening, and outdoor adventures.



Evelyn Riggan

Evelyn Riggan is our Head Director at Oak Tree. Prior to Oak Tree, Evelyn held positions at camps in California, Jamaica, and the UK. Her focus and attentiveness to the joys and interests of children sets her apart and keep her engaged and intuitive in her position.

Evelyn graduated with a BA in Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and an MAT in Early Childhood Education, and is currently completing her MEd in Educational Administration and Policy.

At the top of her priority list are her three children, Darren, Elena, and Esmé. They remind her daily of the importance of a smile and grow her strengths in patience and the art of negotiation.

Evelyn has a passion for the outdoors. Family hikes, countless hours at the pool, and the rejuvenating benefits of a long walk, Evelyn enjoys rooting herself and her family in exploration and the adventures that could come as a result.

Evelyn is thrilled to begin the adventures at Oak Tree Camps, particularly excited about all the faces she will get to see on a daily basis. The laughter of a child can be one of the most rewarding sounds and she is beyond grateful for the moments she will get to share with all your children. This summer will be AWESOME!

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Alexis Phillips

Alexis, a dedicated full-time mother to her two beautiful children, a boy and a girl, also leads a dynamic life as a college student. Currently enrolled at GGC, she is pursuing a major in Accounting and a minor in Information Technology, with plans to graduate in the winter of 2023 with a bachelor's degree.

Joining Oak Tree Camps as a first-year Co-Director, Alexis is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to connect with and inspire the incredible campers.

Deeply rooted in her faith, Alexis holds a steadfast belief in God, cherishing Him above all else. Her vibrant personality sets her apart, and she indulges her passion for exploration by traveling whenever she has free time. Purple is her favorite color, and she finds solace and joy in the pages of books, making her an avid reader.

Summer 2023
Counselors and STaff

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 Jaidynn Bentley

Camp Lead

Jaidynn Bentley, a passionate camp lead, is currently a 3rd-year Pre-Pharmacy student at Florida A&M University. When she's not immersed in her studies, Jaidynn finds solace and creative expression through painting, indulging in music, and cherishing moments with her loved ones.

Driven by a deep desire to make a positive difference in children's lives, Jaidynn thrives on being a beacon of light that brightens their days. She relishes the opportunity to have a hands-on impact on the young campers she encounters.

Eagerly anticipating her role in the Oak Tree family, Jaidynn is excited to embark on a memorable summer filled with joy and growth alongside her fellow campers. Her enthusiasm is palpable as she eagerly awaits the chance to create lasting memories with each and every one of them.

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Everli Willis


Everli is a first-year camp counselor known for their free-spirited nature, profound understanding, and constant evolution. Always open to embracing novel approaches, Everli eagerly seeks opportunities for personal growth while extending a helping hand to those around them. With a compassionate disposition, they lend a listening ear and provide a supportive shoulder for others in times of need. Everli firmly upholds the belief that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, emotions, and opinions. Their own life philosophy revolves around positivity, sunshine, clarity, and prosperity, which they wholeheartedly embrace and trust to assist those in distress. A quick learner by nature, Everli derives immense joy from imparting knowledge and offering support to others. Ever ready for new lessons and thrilling adventures, they epitomize a true lover of learning and exploration.

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Marlowe Caldwell


Marlowe, an enthusiastic summer camper counselor, is currently pursuing their studies in Graphic Design and Psychology. Interacting with others brings them immense joy, and they possess a knack for fostering a cheerful and playful atmosphere. Marlowe's genuine fondness for children makes them a delightful presence to be around.

They excel in quick thinking, adept time management, and organizing enjoyable activities such as arts and crafts. With Marlowe, there is never a dull moment, as their friendly demeanor and infectious smile brighten up any day. Campers can look forward to a fun-filled and engaging experience under Marlowe's guidance.

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Alexis Banks


Alexis Banks, a sophomore student at Hampton University pursuing an MBA, is set to embark on an exciting summer adventure as a member of the Oak Tree Camp team. With a passion for working with children, Alexis brings valuable experience to her role. Notably, she previously worked at Oak Tree Camp during a previous summer, gaining firsthand knowledge of the camp's dynamics and ethos.

Beyond her time at the camp, Alexis also dedicates her energy to volunteering with kids at Hampton University after school. Her commitment to making a positive impact on young lives shines through in her continued engagement with children beyond the camp environment.

With a vibrant and positive outlook, Alexis eagerly anticipates the opportunity to contribute to the Oak Tree Camp community once again, fostering a memorable and enriching experience for all involved.

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JR Counselor

Dion, a high school senior, is an individual with a natural inclination towards caring for others. Frequently entrusted with babysitting her cousins, she finds joy in nurturing young minds. Beyond her caregiving role, Dion's favorite pastimes include baking, indulging in hairstyling and nail art, and embarking on shopping adventures.

Immersed in the world of music, Dion actively participates in the Symphonic band, Marching band, and Choir. Her dedication to her craft shines through her commitment to these artistic pursuits.

Dion has moved from a CIT to a Junior Counselor at Oak Tree Camps and anticipates a summer filled with enriching experiences for campers. Her genuine passion for working with children fuels her excitement as she looks forward to providing them with new adventures. With a knack for entertainment and a heart ready to lend a helping hand, Dion's presence will surely make a positive impact on the campers' lives.






We're looking for the best and brightest counselors.

Applicants must be enthusiastic, creative, hardworking, responsible, punctual, and resourceful and have a genuine love for children.

Eligible Counselors should have completed at least one semester of college.

Counselors in Training/ must be at least 15 years old.

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